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Yes, you heard it right!! Get Started is the best platform that fulfills your dream to get a lucrative job in the US job market.

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Since its inception, Get Started has helped international students & recent graduates secure highly-earned job opportunities successfully.  Proud to say, we have successfully placed 2000+ job seekers in their desired job in the USA job market & now, they are happy & satisfied with their jobs & income.

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How Does Get Started Help You to Get the Job?

Get Started believes in unleashing your hidden potential in the following ways.

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Get Started is known to offer the unmatchable job-search experience & hiring process to you:
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    Career Counselling Career

    The need of the hour is student counseling from the appropriate location at the appropriate time. Therefore, Get Started offers students the right career counseling as per their interests & study background. We understand that after college, you are unaware of the job market, so take the expert guidance of our professional counselors to choose the right career.

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    Prepare You for Future-Job

    Unquestionably, being a graduate or fresher means you need to acquire the technical & soft skills therefore, to ensure your 100% placement, Get Started prepares you for future-job with proper training.

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    Resume Building or Optimization

    Now, what’s most important? Your resume, yes, your resume speaks first about you. To make you the right & perfect candidate for the job, we build & optimize your resume as per the US standards. Ultimately, we aim to make you the first choice of US recruiters.

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    Resume Promotion

    Get Started is dedicated to promoting your resume to, increase the visibility of your profile in the International job market so that you get an opportunity to showcase your talent & grab the opportunity.

Who can be a Candidate?

At GetAJob, we look for three types of candidates.

If you are one of these?

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At GetAJob, we look for three types of candidates
To maximize the chances of you landing a job, we open up 100% of the job market and provide you not only C2C but also full-time/W2 jobs.

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    Shawn Mendes

    There are many other job portals present on the internet but Get Started has it's own charm and familiarity. I am able to find people those who have new opputunities for me. You only have to make sure you write a great resume to win their attention. Thanks to Get Started!


    I'm completely satisfied with Get Started. There are plenty of good and useful options. This website is for complete professionals. You would not find any unprofessional, casual outdated or any humorous piece of post.


    I'm just impressed with this platform. Get Get Started is one of the best platforms for searching jobs across the globe and it provides a very easy and user friendly interface which makes it very comfortable for anyone to search and apply for jobs.